In depth

Today I thought I’d share a little more in depth background about myself and how WISH came about which is something I dont usually do thru social media lol😉but here we go….today isn’t just any day….today is the day my life forever changed. 9 years ago I suddenly lost my best friend of 18 years at the age of 24. You know when you try to tell a story and then say “oh you had to be there” we lived these moments ‘memories’ together …..not sure if that was always a good thing lol but we had a blast! Anyone that was honored to have met Kim would agree she was everything you hoped to be…her smile and personality would fill the room with warmth and happiness. She was a huge supporter in my career she knew how much I loved beauty and my passion for people and hair. Whether  I asked her to come to my makeup school for some crazy makeup or learning a new cut…she was always willing… Poor girl😊 We had many chats about our goals and dreams and for me that was a salon. You always hear life is short but when I actually saw how short it could be I realized you need to make those dreams a reality. That’s the day my life changed… instead of saying “one day” I said “this year” which actually turned into 2 months later. If you know anything about me  I’m the planner the over thinker the one that needs to know the end of the movie before the beginning …. I was working 3 jobs and only 3 days as a stylist a week when I bought the salon. Some how I was going to need to fill up five or more days a week with client’s and some how I did. I feel so honored and appreciate that I get to meet amazing new people , share stories and oh of course do there hair! Also I work with the most lovely women  that I call family. I look back and know I would never have jumped two feet in. Its because I saw Kim follow her passions in life, she was stong, free spirited, and as any great friend…. she  encouraged me! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my best friend…..some days with a smile and other days with tears. She has taught me so much and reminds me to live a little more, to love a little harder and to laugh always!




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