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Shhh….I don’t think we’re suppose to talk about it?IMG_6571

In this world there are so many topics that we just don’t talk about whether we don’t know how to bring it up or maybe its no one’s businessūüėČ…but in the salon no topic is out of bounds!

Before I got pregnant I was a little na√Įve…let’s have a baby we’ll plan to get pregnant this month! ¬†It will be perfect then ill be due when the salon is slow and all is well, right! No wrong… it may be true for some but more then we even know this is not the case. I cant forget what felt like an eternity to me….the high and low month after month….friends would get pregnant¬† ‘first try or ‘so fast’ and I was so happy for them but inside a¬† little piece of me wanted to die (I feel horrible even saying that)…why am I not pregnant? People ask “when are you having kids or how come your not pregnant yet?” I just wanted to scream. The more I chat with my clients the more I find out people’s struggles with infertility is common and my year and a half is only the begining for so many. I dont pretend to even know the emotional and or physical toll the next set of steps take but when I¬†listen to¬†my clients and even friends I tear up and take it all in. There’s got to be a better system…The waiting….the appointments, the doctors, the decisions, maybe interviews, home visits, the waiting …and feeling like your the only one’s going thru it. Thank you to my friends and clients for expanding my mind to what goes on around us! The strength, courage and hope they have for their future. When I hear their stories¬†I feel like am on the emotional¬†journey with them ….different adventures for each of them¬†but oh so the same.


Why is this a subject we don’t talk about as much as we should or do we even¬†realize¬†its¬†going on around us….sure it may be a hard thing to just bring up or is so raw that you cant….people all around are going thru this and some of us just don’t think about it. I challenge you to talk to family and friends… tell them your experience you maybe surprised to hear ‘they too’ or ‘their friend’ has or is going thru the same roller coast ride. The advice of others taking a similar ride is really priceless!



3 thoughts on “Share a little

  1. Jenny says:

    Amazing piece. Lisa you are so connected. So proud to be apart of your team. Talking, sharing and women supporting each other. That’s what it’s all about. So much respect for you and all our women and ladies. Blessed!

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  2. Kathryn says:

    It’s you being you that allows all of us to open up and share our feelings. Thank you for being that safe place for me. Xo


    • wishsalon says:

      Wow thank u Kathryn that means so much to me. I love that I get to build these amazing relationships and also make people feel beautiful all at the same timeūüėė


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