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Shhh….I don’t think we’re suppose to talk about it?IMG_6571

In this world there are so many topics that we just don’t talk about whether we don’t know how to bring it up or maybe its no one’s businessūüėČ…but in the salon no topic is out of bounds!

Before I got pregnant I was a little na√Įve…let’s have a baby we’ll plan to get pregnant this month! ¬†It will be perfect then ill be due when the salon is slow and all is well, right! No wrong… it may be true for some but more then we even know this is not the case. I cant forget what felt like an eternity to me….the high and low month after month….friends would get pregnant¬† ‘first try or ‘so fast’ and I was so happy for them but inside a¬† little piece of me wanted to die (I feel horrible even saying that)…why am I not pregnant? People ask “when are you having kids or how come your not pregnant yet?” I just wanted to scream. The more I chat with my clients the more I find out people’s struggles with infertility is common and my year and a half is only the begining for so many. I dont pretend to even know the emotional and or physical toll the next set of steps take but when I¬†listen to¬†my clients and even friends I tear up and take it all in. There’s got to be a better system…The waiting….the appointments, the doctors, the decisions, maybe interviews, home visits, the waiting …and feeling like your the only one’s going thru it. Thank you to my friends and clients for expanding my mind to what goes on around us! The strength, courage and hope they have for their future. When I hear their stories¬†I feel like am on the emotional¬†journey with them ….different adventures for each of them¬†but oh so the same.


Why is this a subject we don’t talk about as much as we should or do we even¬†realize¬†its¬†going on around us….sure it may be a hard thing to just bring up or is so raw that you cant….people all around are going thru this and some of us just don’t think about it. I challenge you to talk to family and friends… tell them your experience you maybe surprised to hear ‘they too’ or ‘their friend’ has or is going thru the same roller coast ride. The advice of others taking a similar ride is really priceless!



Happy Anniversary


9 years ago today Wish was opened! I have learned so much about business, relationships, and the person I want to be! I love coming to work and hanging out with the most awesome women and men…clients and coworkers

Also We have two new stylists….we’re so thrilled ¬†to welcome Jen Rose and Wendy Coles to the Wish family…they fit in so seamlessly! The salon family is now complete and I couldn’t be more greatful to work with them all!


The salon has come along way…and I’m forever thinking what can we can do next lol.

Thank you for the best 9 years ‚̧



In depth

Today¬†I thought I’d share a little more in depth background about myself and how¬†WISH came about which is something I dont usually do thru social media lolūüėČbut here we go….today isn’t just any day….today is the day my life forever changed. 9 years ago I suddenly lost my best friend of 18 years at the age of 24. You know when you try to tell a story and then say “oh you¬†had to be there” we lived these moments ‘memories’ together¬†…..not sure if that was always a good thing lol but we had a blast!¬†Anyone that was honored to have met Kim would agree she was everything you hoped to be…her smile and personality would fill the room with warmth and happiness. She was a huge supporter¬†in my career she knew how much I loved¬†beauty and my passion for people and hair. Whether¬† I asked her to come to my makeup school¬†for some¬†crazy makeup or learning a new cut…she was always willing… Poor girlūüėä We had many chats about our goals and dreams¬†and for me that was a salon. You always hear life is short but when¬†I actually saw how short it could be I realized you need to make those dreams a reality. That’s the day my life changed… instead of saying “one day” I said “this year” which actually turned into 2 months later. If you know anything about me ¬†I’m the planner the over thinker the one that needs to know the end of the movie before the beginning …. I was working 3 jobs and only 3 days as a stylist a week when I bought the salon. Some how I was going to need to fill up five or more days¬†a week with client’s and some how I did.¬†I feel so honored and appreciate that I get to meet amazing new people , share stories and oh of course do there hair! Also I work with the most lovely women ¬†that I call family. I look back and know I would never have jumped two feet in.¬†Its¬†because I saw Kim follow her passions in life, she was stong, free spirited, and as any great friend…. she ¬†encouraged me! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my best friend…..some days with a smile and other days with tears. She has taught me so much and reminds me to live a little more, to love a little harder and to laugh always!



To All Our Wish Clients

Happy Valentine’s day….To all our Wish Clients, those whom have become family and those that have just walked through our doors, thank you. The journeys we go through together are often more than just from one hair cut/colour to the next. We are grateful you’ve chosen us to care for you hair, but we are honored you’ve trusted us with your stories


These Ladies

To start off 2016 I have a huge shout out to….My co-workers but they are not just that….These ladies are my family…loyal, genuine and inspiring. They have stuck by me thru all my learning curves good, bad and ugly but most importantly we have and hopefully will continue to grow together, learn together, and support each other thru life’s journey…whether it’s business or personally. We all have a different story that makes us US! I couldn’t be more proud to have these beautiful people in my life!

It started with a Wish

A girl with a big Wish …to open a salon where we as stylists can work side by side supporting, encouraging and learning from each other! Wish opened its doors in South Surrey June 2007 by Lisa Menzies
The vision with Wish, is to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that will be a calming backdrop to the evolving, creative energy only truly dedicated stylists can possess…we are passionate and dedicated to ensure every visit to the salon leaves guests with a sense of fulfillment. ..on the inside and out!